Ole J.

“Lewis is a dream to work with, and we’ve had a dozen DJs at my school in the past 11 years, so I know. Lewis shows up early for setup and is very particular to make sure everything is “just right.” He listens carefully to expectations (setup, behavior, hislanguage/tone, choice of music) and is incredibly respectful both in terms of the school’s culture and the concerns of the chaperones/administration. He meets people well and professionally; he’s polite, articulate, positive, and humble. He works VERY hard to please his employer, and HE PUTS ON A GREAT SHOW FOR THE KIDS!! He has games and activities they love, he knows how to get them moving and dancing and laughing, he picks music they love but that fits our age-appropriate parameters, and he is himself really fun and funny to watch with his whacky outfits and his “Magic Mirror.” We’ve never had so many positive student comments about a DJ, including unanimous requests to bring one back for the next dance, as we routinely have for Lewis. After every event, I can count on a group of kids approaching me to make sure Lewis will DJ the next dance. And on top of it all, Lewis van Diggelen is a really nice, big-hearted young man. I give him my highest recommendation, without reservation.”