Urban Dictionary’s definition of fire says it best, we are something that is really good, amazing, crazy (in a good way). The Fire DJs strive for a level of quality, connection, and epicness that is unmatched by any other DJ company in the Pacific Northwest. We promise to make your event, One to remember. ...

From stellar communication to great equipment and an up-to-date music library, one of our main focuses is quality. We will bring a level of quality to your private event that you won’t find anywhere else. That is the thing about the Fire DJs. We are young, talented DJs from Portland and beyond who can connect with guests. We are not old fogies playing Michael Jackson and thinking it’s still cool. From the moment you first contact a Fire DJ to when you dance your heart out, it will be evident how real our quality is.

The connection between the DJ and the crowd is crucial for the success of an event. We provide this important connection by staying up-to-date on new music, actually being young, and catering our music to the crowd. Not only are we happy to take song requests ahead of time, but we are also happy to take them live, the night of your event. We have integrated this functionality into our next-level website and would be more than happy to play what you really want to hear when it matters most. Obviously, we will stay appropriate and only play clean radio edits of your favorite songs. We are registered with the School Dance Network and have access to that “new new”. We interact with guests in the crowd, make announcements when needed, and create a hyphy atmosphere at the event. The last thing that sets us apart from the pack is our commitment to epicness.

Whether it’s infinity mirrors, mounted projectors, or crazy lights, we will bring a setup that blows your mind. We seek to create an epic environment that resembles worlds out of Alice in Wonderland. The thing is, we DJ to enjoy it...we do it for the love of the music, the love of movement, and the love of letting loose.

We could tell you that we are Five-star DJs, we could tell you about our various awards, or we could tell you more facts that you really don’t care about. Instead, we’ll just tell you we are here to make your next event incredible, we are here to light it up, and we are here to make your dreams reality.

We are the Fire DJs and we will make your next event just that.

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  • Skilled MC services
  • Photobooth available
  • On-demand song requests
  • Top of the line new equipment
  • Interactive young DJ bringing charisma to every event

Starting at$750


Private Party

We Will Make Your Party Unforgettable
From birthdays to graduations, we've got it covered. Honestly, we'll DJ any event you hire us for. If you truly want a DJ for a funeral we'll be there. All jokes aside, we are here to bring the heat, light it up, and get you dancing. The memories you make at a Fire DJs party will last a lifetime.
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