Why Fire?
Fire /ˈfī(ə)r/

Something that is really good, amazing, crazy (in a good way).


    *Once your event is booked, a member of the Fire DJs team will reach out to you to figure out the details. We want your event to be just the way you dreamed it (and more) and we promise to work with you to make that dream reality.

    WE ARE NOT going to play “our music” that “we” want to hear.

    WE ARE NOT going to say corny puns on the mic.

    WE ARE NOT going to play dry, crappy music to try to “please everybody.”

    WE ARE NOT going to play rowdy rap music at your dinner (unless of course…)

    WE ARE NOT going to be boring DJs!

    WE ARE going to play the best music for the people present.

    WE ARE going to read the crowd and cater our selections to their desires.

    WE ARE going to make you dance like wild.

    WE ARE going to make your friends jealous.

    WE ARE going to create lifelong memories.

    WE ARE going to create a high-energy atmosphere.

    WE ARE going to make you smile.

    Any Questions?


    Lewis van Diggelen

    I’m Lewis, the founder of The Fire DJs and I want to make your next event, One To Remember! I play the best music tailored to you and your friends. I am a young, jubilant DJ bursting with energy that I bring to every wedding, dance, birthday party, or Mitzvah. No matter what we are celebrating, the result is always the same. Fun times, wide smiles, and great memories that will last a lifetime.

    Callum McQueen

    Hey, I’m Callum! I am new to the West Coast, and am ready to elevate your experience. My motive is to create memorable moments for all in Portland and beyond. Every event is an opportunity to play your favorite music, entertain your friends and loved ones, and keep the dance floor lively and fun. If I see you having a good time, then we are both having a good time!

    Dominic Patete

    My passion is DJing music in a unique and refreshing way. At heart, I am an entertainer and enjoy driving and feeling the energy of the crowd throughout the night. I love interacting with people and will go above and beyond to make your event the most memorable and engaging experience for everyone. Music unites us and can create memories that we will take with us for the rest of our lives. My goal is to keep everyone laughing and living in the moment through music, charisma, and entertainment during every minute of your special event.

    Sai Aguru

    Sai, also known as Saiborg, is a software engineer by day and a DJ/producer by night. Hailing from Atlanta, his music mixes originate from the competitive college Desi Dance Circuit, blending popular American songs with music from all over South Asia. His music has been showcased on stages worldwide. And now, he aims to bring the good times to a party near you.


    Claudia Martinez

    It is my pleasure to introduce you to the One and Only Claudia Martinez. She brings years of disco knowledge to every event. Whether she is holding down a birthday party for a flamboyant crowd or killing it on the decks at a classic disco jam you can be sure of one thing: Claudia does not disappoint. Her unmatched DJ expertise will shine bright at your next event. I invite you to explore her music –


    Evan Lianopoulos

    Evan Lianopoulos is an Oregonian that embodies the work hard, play hard mentality as a consultant by day and DJ by night. He is extremely passionate about music, skiing, disc golfing, and life in general. Evan has a monthly residency show at the local music venue, Big Legrowlski, where he specializes in all forms of music. The number one thing that he loves is bringing people together through music to dance.


    Danny Dicina

    I love sharing old classics and new favorites. Music is a powerful unifying force and as a DJ I enjoy connecting people across different cultures and age groups. If you shazam a song I play that means I’m doing my job right. Available for cocktail hours, road trips, beach sunsets, groovy dance parties, first dates and honeymoons. Music is a miracle, especially when you hear the right song at the right moment in time. Check out some of my mixes on your drive to work