How does it work?

The standard photo booth comes with a backdrop of your choosing, appropriate props, and the Flame camera. A photo booth attendant will work the booth the entire time. All digital pictures can be emailed directly to your guests when the pictures are taken.

How many people can fit in one picture?

Up to 15 people! We use 10’ x 10’ backdrops with a high-quality frame to allow all your friends to fit in one picture.

How many pictures can I take?

You are allowed to take unlimited digital pictures. We charge $200 for 200 prints and sell them in batches of 200.

Do you do prints?

Yes! We charge $200 for 200 prints and sell them in batches of 200.

Why should I book a Fire Booth?

We are the only people with the Flame camera in the world. They are custom-made and will ensure that your event stands out. On top of that, we have a trusted attendant working the entire time to keep your guests entertained. You can count on them to encourage guests to grab props, laugh like crazy, and smile wide.

Do you offer any other photo booths?

Yes! We offer 360 photo booths and DSLR camera photo booths. The Flame camera is just our standard offering.